All orders of $100 and more receive free shipping!


It may take up to three business days for your order to be approved by Aaron's Payroll Department & processed (prior to shipping).

Once your order has been shipped, your estimated time of arrival will be determined by where your store is located.

Global Caps ships via USPS

On the Shipment Summary page - please select (click) USPS as the 'Shipping Carrier', then select 'Ground as the 'Carrier Method'.


For example: if you worked in store #CO222 in Lexington Park , Maryland, shipping 'ground' would take approximately 2 business days


Orders going to Canada will ship International Ground.

Extra shipping as well as duty, customs and/or brokerage fees, not noted on your order, will be charged.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged on total merchandise for orders delivered to Georgia .